Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shrimp and Crawfish Bisque Soup

1 stick of butter 
1 medium Onion diced 
4 stalk of Celery diced 
6 cloves Garlic minced 
2 can of cream mushroom soup
2 can of cream potato soup 
2 can of niblets corn (liquid and all) 
2 can of cream of corn (liquid and all) 
2 bag of crawfish tail ( in frozen section) 
1 pound of peel and devein shrimp 
1 qt half n half 
1 tsp Tony 
2 Capful of crab boiled( the liquid) -- I like it spicy.. If you don't like it too spicy just add 1 capful 
Put EVERTHING in crockpot except the crawfish and peeled shrimp and half half. I usually sauté the onion n celery in 1 stick of butter first in a sauté pan then add to crockpot. 
Cook on low for 4 hrs. In the last 30 minutes before serving add the crawfish tails and peel shrimp and half n half.. You don't want to add the crawfish tail or shrimp too early because it gets over cooked and doesn't taste good. 
Cook low for 4 hrs 
Then just warm after ... 

Prepping for the Week

Now that the kids have settle into a routine for school.. I am trying to settle back into my daily routine. This week I started back again with the meal planning and the food prepping. I try to do my grocery shopping on Monday after I drop off the kids to make it easier. 
I also try to buy 5 fruits for the week...then I would wash and dry them and then cut them and store in a container so that when we are on the go during the week for all these activity all I have to do is grab 1 and GO!! To am trying not to feed them lots of junk food since they are in many out door activities. 

This week I got canteloupe, peaches, orange, banana and grapes. I also picked up a few bags of mini cucumbers to dip with ranch dressing or hummus. 

I will post my meals later on this week. 
Have a GREAT WEEK!! 

Prep cut some of the fruits for easy access.. Plus if it's ready the kids would eat it if they see it.. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips 

All laid out so we can see it. 

Little hummus and ranch package for baby carrots or cucumbers.