Saturday, June 11, 2016

Breakfast at Ohana, Polynesian Resort

Breakfast at Ohana located inside the Polynesian Resort is one of my favorite. They start with these sweet bread ...raisin and pineapple with this whip butter that is so delicious!! 
Then they bring you a plate of fruits and serve you this's so yummy!! 

For breakfast they bring you this huge TRAY of assorted breakfast food..scramble eggs, waffle (Mickey Mouse and Stitch) chicken sausage, biscuits and BACON!! 
               Assorted Sweet Bread 


                        Stitch waffle

Chef Mickey

We had reservation at 2:20 pm which was brunch. They had ham craving with freshly made chocolate chip pancakes and Mickey Mouse waffle. 

They also had a corn and potato chowder. A Caesar salad with lots of different salad toppings. They had a section for kids that consist of Mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and scallop potato. 

The DESSERT section: 
Today they had strawberry shortcake in little shot glasses, red velvet cupcake, ice cream machine, cookies etc 

    Ribs, Rice, Salmon and a spicy stew 

                   Pancake section 

                     Ham craving